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High Bridge has supported clients on six continents with Nuclear, Fossil, Fusion, and Science energy projects. As our clients will attest, High Bridge provides the infrastructure to support the management of small to very large complex projects.  

With extensive experience on large complex projects and the benefit of years of experience in project management processes, High Bridge can be the difference in developing a successful project.  Learn More

As an industry leader, High Bridge used this knowledge and experience to prepare a Strategic Lessons-Learned and Best Practices detailed report for the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in 2019. NEI released this report in April 2020 for NEI members only. An Executive Summary is available to the public by going to The link below provides links to each of these 32 public domain documents referenced in the NEI Report and to a single document that compiles the 10 case studies for successful large FOAK projects.

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) April 2020 Report Lessons Learned and Best Practices Prepared by High Bridge