Over the past 16 years, High Bridge has developed a world class estimating capability designed to serve the nuclear, fossil, & solar sectors as well as industrial and commercial construction.  High Bridge offers a variety of estimate products designed to provide accurate cost data, tailored to the size and design phase of client projects.

High Bridge’s flagship product is a complete detailed take‐off package that clients often use to develop work packages and manage work in the field.  Our unique process delineates the steps taken to develop a detailed Class I‐III estimate package with complete basis of estimate, where our team works with the client to ensure stakeholder alignment through each development phase of the estimate.

The Estimate Lite Package is a lower cost estimate option (Class IV‐V) for projects in the early design phase and can be paired with our engineering services and Level I‐II schedule.

Estimating Team

Benefits of High Bridge Estimating Process

    • Works for all projects – conceptual to design issued – all phases
    • Truly independent results for informed decisions
    • Estimators possess extensive nuclear mods field experience
    • Structured and disciplined processes for estimating, scheduling, and cost controls
    • Detailed & well-documented scope development
    • We estimate the entire project
    • Accurate pricing through research and experience
    • Identifies and evaluates risk, including enterprise risk
    • Determines contingency & reserve needs for the entire project
    • Delivers professionally packaged detailed reports
    • Produces a real baseline document for effective project controls and change management
    • Provides estimate details in working reports formatted to client specifications and cost tracking
    • Incorporates client-specified WBS, schedule activities, commodities and other coding fields into estimate deliverables
    • Offers a working Excel file of all estimate data
    • Produces P6 Cost/Resource Loaded schedule directly from our estimates