U.S. Nuclear Industry Trade Delegation to IAEA Vienna Annual Conference

High Bridge Associates was a corporate delegate as part of the Nuclear Industry Trade Delegation assembled by the U.S. Department of Commerce to conduct a Development Program during the IAEA Vienna Annual Meeting which was held Sept. 16 to 20, 2019.  High Bridge is a Planning and Project management service company serving the commercial nuclear power and other industries.  Steve Maehr, President, and Ken Aupperle, Senior Vice President attended.  The following information documents are attached to provide an overview of High Bridge services, projects, customers, and experience:

A. Sept. 2019, High Bridge Services, Projects, Customers

B. Sept. 2019, High Bridge Selected Projects, 2 slides per page

C. Sept. 2019, High Bridge Estimating and Overview

D. Sept. 2019, Industry Project Management Lessons Learned

For more information about the conference go to  IAEA.org