NC State Presentation and Workshop, November 2017, Project Management Lessons Learned

High Bridge Regional Manager Ken Aupperle was invited by the construction management graduate program Professor at North Carolina State in Raleigh to give a 3-hour lecture and workshop in November 2017 on Project Management Lessons Learned for large mega-construction projects. Ken reports that “The workshop went very well with lots of student interaction.” The graduate CM program director/professor (Dr. Ed Jaselskis) was very pleased with things. Professor Jaselskis said “Ken had a lot in common with the student audience with his academic construction management background.” Ken also wanted to help the students to get interested in Energy and Nuclear Power for a career, so the first hour was devoted to large projects and power/nuclear energy 101 information with a lot of photos. While the presentation was a bit long, it was designed to have 2 hours of presentation/interaction and then an hour of questions/discussion. Preparing for this gave Ken the opportunity to take many prior presentations on the same subject and update with some current insights. Ken reflected that “It was very fulfilling to feel like I added some value to the learning process for these students and I was glad my real world remarks synced up well with the class syllabus.”